Transparent OLED for Head-Up Display

by WiseChip Semiconductor Inc.
Series: 4.9"Area Color TOLED US-0009

The World's Only Transparent PMOLED Supplier!

Product Description:
Transparent PMOLED Display Panels for Head-Up-Display (HUD) in automobiles:
• High transparency
• High contrast ratio
• Viewing Angle: 360 degrees fully transparent
• Fast response time (≤10ms)
• Thinner, lighter & more durable
• Wide operation temperature (-40°C ~ +105°C)

• Color: 4 colors (red, orange, green, blue)
• Display type: segment type
• Icons: 230 pre-defined
• Luminance (cd/m²): 1000cd/m²
• Operating voltage: 15V
Company: WiseChip Semiconductor Inc.
WiseChip Semiconductor Inc. is a professional manufacturer of OLED Products. Our main products include Monochrome OLED, Character OLED, Segment OLED, Area Color, Full Color and custom design products etc. WiseChip can provide organic EL display modules sealed in different ways based on customer needs, and provide a solution with the shortest time to satisfy consumers.
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