Cobra 2K Snap-in TPMS Sensor Mounting Tool

by Orange Electronic Co.,Ltd
Series: Cobra 2K

With Cobra 2K, technicians can install sensors by pushing the sensor body and screw head without damaging the rubber valve stem. It saves time and eliminates failure, and it lasts longer than rubber stem pullers so tire stores don't need to replace rubber pullers as often.
Company: Orange Electronic Co.,Ltd
Orange = 0(zero) range between your vehicle to driving safety by having good tire condition.

Orange Electronic is committed to providing unsurpassed quality in our product line as well as providing world class training for our customers. Since 2007 Orange Electronic has been in the forefront of the TPMS market as a leader in the industry. Our commitment to providing the highest technical advances in our sensor is one of the reasons that we stand out from other TPMS manufactures. This significant achievement not only shows that Orange Electronic has been qualified by the American Motors Industry but also has been certified on the OE Level by such manufactures as, TOYOTA, MITSUBISHI and Suzuki. We also have the distinct honor to be endorsed by one of the world's leading tire manufactures, Pirelli. Our relationship with Pirelli is so strong it requires that we maintain an office in the Pirelli headquarters.
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