3G Dashcam

by UniMax
Series: ASUS 3G Dashcam

• Built-in 3G module makes it easy to transfer data to the cloud
• GPS and G-sensor data transfer and saving
• Image cloud transfer and saving

• Emergency event calling
• Auto detect collision event and call-out for rescue service
Company: UniMax
WWW: http://www.unimax.com.tw
Unimax Electronics Inc. is a professional automotive electronics design and manufacturing company, fully-owned by ASUS Group. The company leverages world-class research resources to develop high-quality, cutting-edge technology that customizes and enhances in-vehicle digital experiences for customers everywhere. By integrating ASUS Group resources and leading-edge solutions, UniMax has a goal of expanding its OE supply chain to international automobile makers while firmly establishing itself as a global pioneer of innovation in the automotive electronics and manufacturing industry.
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