Mini Digital Torque Wrench

by Eclatorq Technology Co., Ltd.
Series: Mini Digital Torque Wrench DM2-020BU

It is the world's smallest digital torque wrench. Adopting one-button/one-function, making operation easy, direct, efficient and user-friendly. With torque accuracy +/-2% to control every fastener, it's always precise and ensures safety. It comes with memory-function and downloadable data.
Company: Eclatorq Technology Co., Ltd.
“Eclatorq” as the first professional digital hand tool in Taiwan, founded in 2006, has integrated the 11 leading hand tool companies and IT resources into the production of digital hand tools – The Smart Tool Standard. We fuse the tools of today with the technologies of tomorrow to create a new generation of high tech tools. Built from almost a decade of high tech R&D and innovation, the Digital Tools not only provide users with unprecedented levels of control, accuracy and convenience yet price worthy.
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