Intelligent IVI System

by UniMax
UniMax Intelligent IVI system is a brand new kind of in-car computer, making transportation more fun, convenient, safe and smart.
Featuring a smartphone connection for content-mirroring and back-control directly from the phone's touch screen.
Easy access to unlimited apps on the smartphone include the ability to see up-to-date navigation map data, listen to music, and answer calls, plus a head-up display and gesture-control technology, all effectively making the driving experience better and safer.
It can detect drowsiness in the driver by means of a sensor and watch, and is able to to give the driver notice to rest in sufficient time. The Backend-as-a-service (BaaS) system analyzes drivers' driving history data and lowers the maintenance cost and increases driver safety.
Company: UniMax
Unimax Electronics Inc. is a professional automotive electronics design and manufacturing company, fully-owned by ASUS Group. The company leverages world-class research resources to develop high-quality, cutting-edge technology that customizes and enhances in-vehicle digital experiences for customers everywhere. By integrating ASUS Group resources and leading-edge solutions, UniMax has a goal of expanding its OE supply chain to international automobile makers while firmly establishing itself as a global pioneer of innovation in the automotive electronics and manufacturing industry.
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