Outdoor Faucet

by Liang Ping Sanitary Facility Co., Ltd.
MODEL: 34-240/34-241/
AWARD: Taiwan excellence award 2017
For creating a natural and comfortable user experience, the faucet's handle is designed in oxalis style. Its square decorative lid can cover the outlet on the wall perfectly. It can be easily be turned on by the friendly 45 Degree angle of the lever. Saving more materials reduces the waste of our earth's precious resources.The structure has been traditionally designed without ceramic cartridge.Not only does it have the function to avoid water hammer,but also protects water pipes and toilet tank parts from harm.The faucet install a mute aerator which doesn't let water splash the user.
COMPANY: Liang Ping Sanitary Facility Co., Ltd.
WWW: www.newr.com.tw
E-mail: taiwan.newr@msa.hinet.net
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