PC Fan

by In Win Development Inc.
AWARD: 2017 Taiwan Excellence Award
Current case fans have poor cable management, and the unsightly wires can ruin the appearance of a PC. But the Aurora Fans are innovative and aesthetically pleasing, offering simpler wiring and the ability to daisy chain multiple fans and LED Strips. The fans are fully RGB capable, and can be adjusted through the provided RF remote control or through Windows. Since each LED is programmable, the combinations are endless. The Aurora Fans are highly functional; they include a Turbo Mode feature that increases the cooling for overclocked rigs.
COMPANY: In Win Development Inc.
WWW: www.in-win.com
Since its inception in 1985, In Win has steadily built four production sites and five sales locations, establishing a strong foundation for R&D, manufacturing, production and sales. Integrating its extensive experience in R&D, technology, quality and design, its scope of business encompasses computer chassis, server, power supply and cloud computing. In Win continuously innovates, overtakes competitors to lead the market, expands industrial integration, improves manufacturing capability and creates high quality products, providing the world with the best integrated chassis solution.
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