New Birdy

by Pacific Cycles, Inc.
AWARD: 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award
Till today there are over 150,000+ fans enjoying the excitement of BIRDY. Accumulating 20 years of market and user experiences, the 3rd generation has new DNA, faster, smaller folded size, increased rigidity, easier folding/unfolding…etc, the NEW BIRDY will definitely continue to lead the market.
COMPANY: Pacific Cycles, Inc.
Pacific Cycles has been widely recognized as the leading bicycle R&D center in the world. As early as 1990, we came to see that the future trend is in folding and small wheel bicycles. We devoted our effort to develop the best folding and small wheel bicycles for the serious and discerning customers. Now we have Birdy, Reach, CarryMe, and IF in our lineup of folding bicycles. Each of them was developed to satisfy its specific cycling purposes and won various design awards respectively. Pacific also devoted to the development of adaptive cycles for those with difficulties riding normal bicycle or in need of customized vehicle for rehab.
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