Coffee Yarn T-shirt

by SINGTEX Industrial Co., Ltd.
AWARD: 2016 Taiwan Excellence Award
The EcoFun Coffee-Yarn T-shirt is made from S.Café® Technology. Through this patented process, the nano S.Café® coffee grounds provide excellent capabilities in diffusing moisture, absorbing body odor and reflecting ultraviolet light. This product is approved by the internationally recognized Cradle-to-Cradle Certificate (C2C).
COMPANY: SINGTEX Industrial Co., Ltd.
S.Café® sustainable technology was developed from four years of research and hard work. By utilizing coffee’s natural ability to block odors, this technology is essentially taking wisdom from life experiences. With the increasing demand of S.Café®, partnering with local coffee shops and collecting their used coffee grounds has provided a very sustainable route to supply our raw material. Once thought of as garbage, now can be looked at as “trash to cash” while we continue to collect used coffee ground and plastic bottles from landfills by giving it another life. Drink it, Wear it™.
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