Showcased Products > 23.1”/29” Electronic shelf labels
MODEL: 23.1” - U231AZZ-LE1, 29” - S290AJ1-LE2

23.1”/29” Electronic shelf labels

by Innolux Corporation
23.1” and 29” shelf displays developed by INX are the most suitable for Brick-and-Mortar Stores. 29” shelf display could be a replacement of traditional POP (Point of Purchase) to reduce the labour cost and save time of changing the Posters. In addition, 29” shelf display provides retailers quicker response to sales strategy adjustment. Turning to 23.1” shelf display, it can also be a replacement of price tag. As the nearest displays for cnsumers, 23.1” shelf displays can show the promotion information and advertising of particular products on the shelf offering consumers the most straightforward shopping experiences. At last, 23.1” shelf display is the bridge between online shopping and offline shopping and platform integrated with other solutions to collect consumer buying behaviour data. Therefore, 23.1” shelf display is the key factor for retailers to achieve personal marketing strategy and fulfill the concept of Uni Marketing.
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