Taiwan Excellence
Hardware & Hand Tools Webinar
@ National Hardware Show
Hot Hand Tools Innovations from Taiwan for the US Hardware Market
October 13th
Webinar: 11:00-11:50am PST / 2:00-2:50pm EST

The Webinar focuses on Taiwan Hardware and Hand tool industry, shared by four winners of the prestigious Taiwan Excellence Award: Apach and AirBoss, pioneers in pneumatic tool, Mitcorp with a new approach to non-destructive inspections and UNITACKER serving an unique, an unusual staple gun.


Industry Overview

Taiwan is a champion exporter of high quality hand tools. With one out of every three tool sets coming from Taiwan, it stands unquestionably the most innovative and excellent manufacturer of hand tool industry.

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The AirBoss Air Tool company has been a manufacturer and exporter of pneumatic tools over 10 years. From R&D, design, production, we provide good pneumatic tools, including impact wrenches, screw drivers, air drills, and die grinders. Our tools are available for use in the following industries, petrochemical, shipbuilding, cement, auto repair, motorcycle, bike and car assembly.

APW Oil Pulse Tools

The pulse mechanism of AIRBOSS shut-off tools has pistons for minimum weight and long service life. The design is based on cam-guided pistons and rollers, the pulse cylinder is oil-filled which means the moving parts are completely immersed in oil, that ensures a long service life. With the mechanism of piston type, the tool has not only lower maintenance cost (Only need to change oil once the tool strikes for 300,000 times, the roller-blades type needs to change oil once every 100,00 times) but also cost-friendly maintenance requirements (Use only the syringe to change the oil, no need to use a vacuum machine).

Air Impact Wrench

Industrial grade with highest quality, made of magnesium alloy thus makes the tool light weighted. The tool is ergonomically designed which enable the users to reduce fatigue. The capability of high-pressure endurance increased, tool service life extends 30% and the motor life is doubled. The tool is patent-protected and made from eco-friendly material.

1/2” or 3/8” Right Angle World Shortest Impact Wrench with only 3.7” (84mm) and max torque of 406ft-lb (510NM) Comes in handy when reaching narrow places.

Powerful light weight impact wrench (Magnesium Alloy housing) provides 1253ft-lb(1700NM) one powerful choice.

New Release 1” light weight impact wrench, with special diamond shape design clutch housing. 19.8lbs(9.1KG) reduce 20% of the weight but also extended the tool life for longer usage.


Apache is an Indian tribe in North American , according to legend , Apache was a warrior , who was brave and invincible and has been symbolized by Indians as an image of bravery and victory. This tribe has also been known for being intrepid and valiant in the Indian history. Therefore, posterity use his name for the Indian tribes named. Inheriting this tribe’s spirit, Apach has been constantly devoted to developing and making top-end tools since its inception.

Therefore, Apach exquisitely designs each of its nailer guns, and insists on strict durability testing of every piece of key components and parts, as well as rigid pre-delivery inspections of finished products. Just like Apache Indians who are physically strong and capable, Apach’s products are durable and can endure under harsh working environments, and therefore are highly recognized and sought-after by professionals worldwide. Today, Apach is a globally known brand.

APACH offers a complete product line to solve customers’ problems, including coil nailers, framing nailers, finish nailers, staplers, carton closing tools and so forth, which are ideal for use in construction, pre-fabricated housing, pallets, furniture, upholstery, fencing and carton closing. Apach’s website www.apach.com.tw also provides further product information.

Underpinned by strong commitment to innovation and learning, as well as esprit de corps, APACH continues to launch new products to meet customers’ special requirements, pays close attention to each customer’s opinions, and provides speedy, timely services to clients. This globally prestigious brand is trustworthy.

Air Impact Wrench

‧ 10 Pc/14.0Kgs./16.00Kgs./0.8’
‧ Mechanism:Jumbo Hammer
‧ Highest durable Japanese steel Anvil
‧ Handle exhaust
‧ One hand operation for Forward & Reverse; 3 position for each side
‧ Replaceable anvil design for short socket or change to traditional anvil of 3/8” and 1/2”
‧ Short Length: Only 3.3” from front to rear allows for easy access in cramped spaces
‧ Die casting of housing
‧ Powerful torque with Low noise
‧ Components with durable and heavy duty materials

Multiple Speed Air Spot Welding Drill

‧ 6 speed choice (Different from old single speed tool) Suitable for HSS & TCT drill
‧ Work with Steel & Aluminum alloy plate


Mitcorp embodies a new approach to non-destructive inspections.

We believe that innovative Videoscopes should be accessible to all needing them. We challenge the view that reliable and accurate inspection products should be so highly-priced that they become impractical for hard-working business owners.

Instead, we think that the best technology should benefit our customers’ practical, everyday business needs.

Working closely with our clients since 2003, Mitcorp embodies a passion for innovation and has accumulated over 180 patents since becoming independent of the Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology, Taiwan. Certified by the well-known vehicle brands Audi, Skoda, VOLVO, and Volkswagen, Mitcorp has proven to be a reliable partner with a strong focus on its end users.

With a highly agile approach to business and a reputation for the very highest levels of quality and dependability amongst our key distributors, we seek leadership within non-destructive inspection providers worldwide.

X2000- HD Industrial Videoscope

Mitcorp-X2000 embedded 1 MP CMOS sensor in the camera and brand new image process engine which can output 2560*1440 super resolution still image and 1920*1080 HD video. Tungsten braid tube and bending neck is introduced on the 6.0mm probe which brings high rigidity performance competes to all hi-end competitors. 4mm shorter distal end than previous generation provide smaller bending radius and improved lock system mechanics gives the same smooth articulation control tension feel compare to famous electronic control system in the market.

The main console equipped a 7” IPS TFT- LCD that performs vivid image which can present all details of typical target flaws such as crack, welding, surface scratch…,etc. The connectivity of the base unit upgraded to HDMI AV-out, USB type-C connect port, and image Wi-Fi live-stream and sharing to mobile devices. The carry case is equipped a new design storage reel embedded in EVA set provide perfect storage and protection.

PRSL300- Self leveling Videoscope

‧ 7” Touchscreen: helping control the PRSL 300 efficiently.
‧ On-screen meter: gives you a better overview and assists in identifying the exact location of flaws quickly.
‧ Self-leveling 30mm push camera: offers exceptional flexibility and resistance in even the harshest environments.
‧ 10 LEDs: provide exceptional illumination in even the darkest places.
‧ Wi-Fi control: enabling you to share your images and videos with customers or colleagues.
‧ Advanced functions: adding annotations to images and a comprehensive compare function.
‧ Protective Reel: protective and easy to clean IP 57 protection: Dust and Waterproof.

X750-Hand-held Integrated Ultra-fine High-resolution Industrial Endoscope

he X750 can tackle complex and challenging operations in confined environments. It is the newest addition to the X-series, our high-end series of industrial videoscopes.

Designed for applications where high mobility is needed, the X750 is lightweight, rugged, and provides high-resolution images and advanced imaging functions that allow workers to fulfill their tasks in even the most challenging environments.


UNITACKER combines UNIQUIE and TACKER – as implied by the name – an unique, an unusual staple gun.

The faith and expectation of UNITACKER toward the product is letting end users to feel the clever thoughts and extra benefits which brought from the designer.

Logo is using brand alphabet to layout its main frame, plus unique stylish design to show as staple gun looks. End users are able to link the logo image and think to the tacker, bring out te best in each other.

UNITACKER brand is expecting as his name is, so is he. Keep progressing on design, function and quality toward the staple gun, lead the markets.

Multi-Staple Tacker

‧ 6-in-1 multi-staple tacker
‧ Fit Arrow T50/JT21
‧ Aluminum Housing

Multi-Staple / Multi-Function Tacker

3-in-1 multi-staple / multi-function tacker Fit Arrow T50 / JT21 Extra 2 functions

1. As paper stapler
2. Temporary fixing